About Shelley

I was born and raised in Bedford, Virginia, at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I had the idyllic childhood in small town America and went on to study Biology at Longwood College (now University).

I had my first visit to the Outer Banks during college and decided to spend a summer here with some friends. It didn’t take long for the Outer Banks to get under my skin and into my blood. I made the move and now consider the Outer Banks as much my home as I do Virginia.

I have always loved nature and grew up taking long walks in the woods, collecting all sorts of things…moss, acorns, turtle shells, etc. Now I take long walks on the beach searching for shells, driftwood and seaglass. I spend my days with my yorkies, Winston and Weezie, who are by my side…or at my feet, as i pursue my creative endeavors. In addition to my obsession with flowers, I love antiques, making jewelry and anything to do with fashion, style and decor. On my quiet days I like to curl up with my dogs, a good book and a cup of coffee.

My love of nature is what spurred me to start Honeysuckle Events. I get to work with flowers, create beauty and make people happy! I haven't forgotten to stop and smell the roses either…I don't think I’ll ever get tired of walking into a room full of flowers and taking a deep breath. What could be better than that?